Areas of Practice

Litigation | Wills, Trusts & Estates | Music Industry


When disputes arise, companies and individuals encounter risk on several levels:  The threat of civil lawsuits, the prospect of investigations and enforcement, media and public scrutiny, and sometimes the possibility of criminal investigation or prosecution. Sandra embraces challenges like these and understands the need for swift action in all types of litigation issues and disputes, including:

  • Complex Business Litigation
  • Law Firm, Medical Group and Business Breakups
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Real Estate Litigation (e.g., foreclosures, title disputes, contract disputes)
  • FELA Claims (Railroad Employee Injuries)
  • Breach of contract
  • Business torts
  • Disgruntled Investor Claims
  • Civil fraud claims, including RICO and the Texas DTPA
  • Legal Malpractice


Estate Planning, Probate & Trust Administration

Click here for Sandra's informative estate planning articles. 


For the past 22 years of her practice, estate planning has been a favorite area law for Sandra.  It is such a pleasure to put clients' minds at ease, helping them plan for their future while also securing their present needs.  And when a family loses a loved one, Sandra assists families with the probate of wills or with the administrative steps to carry out the terms of the loved one's trust.


If you have an estate planning need, keep in mind that people are living longer than ever before.  In many ways, it is just as important to plan for a long life as it is to plan for death.  For some clients, this means planning for infirmity; discussing long term health care needs; carefully considering the person or persons who will be there to assist when and if those difficult days arise. And regardless of longevity, for most clients estate planning means more than just a simple will.  


The beauty of working with Sandra is that she represents clients of all ages and stages of health and wealth.  Some clients have been married 40+ years, have 2.3 children, and are simply preparing or updating their estate plan to carry out their wishes.  Other clients have remarried (sometimes for a second or third time) and have children from a prior marriage.  More than a few clients have prenuptial agreements to consider.  Other clients are single, sometimes newly widowed or divorced, and need their estate plan to reflect the new chapter in their lives. Then there are the clients who have moved to Texas and need to update their estate plan to work under Texas law.  As you can see, estate plans are as unique as the people whose lives are reflected in them. Sandra works with you and, when appropriate, with your tax and financial professionals to ensure that all of your needs and all of your requests are covered by your estate plan. 


Music Industry Representation

As the co-founder of two music publishing companies, Premier Tracks and Graffiti Music (, Sandra gained tremendous industry knowledge and has connections at television networks, production companies, record labels, and major publishers.  Her work concerns all aspects of music publishing, licensing, and worldwide distribution.  She knows the day-to-day aspects of the music business, and stands ready to assist you in all of your music needs.

  • Music Licensing and Publishing Agreements
  • Music Clearance Services
  • Administration and Distribution Agreements
  • Copyright infringement / enforcement demands
  • Catalog Administration 

Business Negotiations and "An All Around Deal-Doer"

Whether it's a land development project, a new business venture, forming a joint venture or similar partnership with others, or just charting a safe path for your own business goals, Sandra has negotiated and documented literally thousands of business transactions over the past 25 years.  It doesn't do you any good to hire an attorney to put your transaction together, if they don't have business experience or lack the savvy necessary to keep both sides at the table to close the deal.  Give Sandra a call early in your next transaction, and she will chart a path with you for your business success.

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